Sunday, November 25, 2012

Travel Guide to A Fascinating Singapore Holiday

Singapore is one of the smallest countries around the world, located in Southeast Asia, sharing boundaries with Malaysia and Indonesia. Known as the traveler's paradise, this beautiful city is a perfect blend of history, culture, nature and modernity. The city is also famous for its ever-developing economy and spic-and-span environment. An excellent use of technology that Singapore reflects is hard to find anywhere else. Happening nightlife, world-class amenities and heart-touching hospitality add more to the joys A Singapore holiday package has to offer you.
In Singapore, travelling is a treat, irrespective of what your vacation style is. Whether you come with your entire family, your beloved or fun-loving friends, Singapore can serve you like nowhere else. The island is filled, to its maximum capacity, with fun parks such as Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, dlphin Lagoon and the Botanic Garden to give family vacationers sheer delights. For those of interested in nature & adventure, beaches of Sentosa Island make great choice. Fascinating natural beauty coupled with a range of water sports enthralls each and every traveler.
If you're the one inclined towards history & culture, Singapore would not disappoint you. Lovely palaces, forts and museums are the perfect spots to know about the city's rich past and cultural heritage. They are filled with gracious arts & artifacts and other historical equipment, and hence take you to the graceful Singapore past and traditions. Shopaholics get their experience of a lifetime, as the lively markets, shining shopping malls and countless of street-side sellers offer everything imaginable at highly lucrative rates. The Orchard Road, the Little India and Chinatown Market are popular shopping centers in Singapore.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Africa Safari Holidays Travel Guide

Africa is full of diversity and richness in resources. There's a lot your family can do in the endless continent. As miss projected by many, Africa doesn't just have game reserves. Your family can go on an adventurous wildlife tour, or perhaps a campfire vacation.
Masai Mara Safari - You can fly to Kenya and then take the long road to the famous and exceptional Masai Mara. From here, you take another flight to the safari area. This is a private tour, not without thrilling experience for the whole family. Once there, you can see the live game. Game drivers are with you in an open and shared driving vehicle.
Throughout your safari into the wild, you will see nature at it's finest. All of your dreams will seem like reality when your touring the land of Africa. You might want to stop at Mikumi National Park for your first family safari vacation experience. The cost of a trip to this state park is very affordable and this is an excellent location for those who want to get a glimpse of lion on the prowl.
There will be opportunity to make a plaster cast of a local wild animal footprint, a souvenir that destroys nothing. The animals they will get to see will keep them talking for months to come. Romance is always in the air in such a beautiful and exciting place making Kenya the ideal place for couples to explore and relax.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Manila Holiday - Travel Guide

Numerous locals call Manila as the city that never rests due to its very active commercial districts and nightlife The City of Manila is one of the 17 municipalities and cities that total Metro Manila. It is actually the capital city of the Philippines. With much of its populace coming from diverse ethnicities and traditions from all over the country. It is the center of trade, business, finance, politics and entertainment. This gorgeous and highly urbanized town houses the country's major movie and music industries. For many Filipinos, it is the main city in the Philippines where dreams are made. Because of this, why many Filipinos from many provinces come to Manila to discover their luck, making it the largest heavily populated cities on the planet. Manila takes pride in many of its scenic spots and tourists destinations. Five star international resorts and other luxurious lodging are plentiful as well. Casino Filipino branches that are scattered inside the city are favorite destinations of tourists and casino aficionados. It is recognized as the top entertainment spot in the country with its hundreds of bars, cafes, dining places and night clubs.
It has been influenced greatly by the western culture especially when it comes to tunes and fashion. One of the places that you ought to not miss going to is the country's center of government, the Malacanang Palace, the dwelling of the President of the Philippines. You can also take delight at century old church buildings and buildings such as Intramuros, San Sebastian Church, San Agustin Church, the Manila Cathedral and more. Other famous tourist destinations are the Manila Ocean Park, Metropolitan Theater, Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden and Rizal Park. If you love the nightlife, you can go to a bar strip with almost a hundred of different kinds and themes in Malate area.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ultimate Cheap Family Holiday Travel Guide

If you need a quick reference for planning your next family holiday an ultimate cheap holiday travel guide will help. An effective guide will offer accommodation, pricing, sites to see and travel options. Knowing what is available ahead of time is a good piece of information when planning your holiday.
A variety of travel destinations are vital for an ultimate cheap family holiday travel guide. If you are considering a Caribbean holiday the guide should address the major and not so major destinations in the islands. If your holiday tends toward the Alps the travel guide should have a range of accommodations for those that may care to ski and for those that may want to shop and eat. City accommodations are an essential part of a good travel guide. So many popular city destinations have multiple possible sites and restaurants to visit. Knowing which restaurants, museums and sites may intrigue you before the holiday allows for good planning.
A guide will also offer options located about the destination for your holiday. Just a short distance around the selected location may offer potential new and exciting day trips for you and the family. Visit the intended location for the family holiday and find expected and unexpected added adventures as you explore your holiday surroundings. Festivals and local events are a good way to get to know the destination. Your holiday travel guide can be your access to unknown cultures and possibly new tastes to temp your palette.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Brazil

Sao Luis in Brazil is a spectacular place to be, with its fabulous palaces and colonial buildings creating photo opportunities around every corner. One of the highlights is the snake farm that houses not only snakes but also scorpions and spiders there to view from all around the world. It's a great day out. The town itself has wonderful cathedrals to visit, many other Christian sites and several museums displaying art and nautical exhibits. The old town is very quaint with wonderful architecture in Portuguese style along the narrow winding streets where a large area is now protected as a national monument. An interesting trip is one down one of the two rivers that flows through the town. This town has a mystical charm and is a wonderful place to stay you can also hire a car and travel off the beaten track to view some incredible landscapes in and around Sao Luis.
Every tourist travelling to Brazil must try some of the local cuisine. The main ingredients are root vegetable, meat, coconut and rice. Their hearty stews are very tasty and there is a variety of sea food dishes. Feijoada is the most popular dish with a mix of different type spicy meat cooked in beans and a pepper sauce, usually served with cabbage. It's extremely filling and very tasty. The food in Brazil is very cheap and will suit all budgets, and you will find some restaurants and cafes serving international cuisine, but while in Brazil taste something different. If it fries the Brazilians will eat it.
Some of the best shopping is in the older part of the town where you can find many hand crafted and traditional items that reflect the history and culture of Brazil. There are some very interesting markets to purchase something quirky and interesting from to take back home. In the main town area you will not be short of shops including international named chain stores along the pedestrian only streets of Rua Grande. The Reviver shopping area is where you will find a great selection of herbs and basketware along with leather items and beautiful lace work at a very good price. Shopping in Sao Luis is very interesting and cheap.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For China

There is so much to do and see in this fabulous country. There are so many cultural and historical landmarks with examples like the Great Wall of China, built in 7BC, being the most popular. This wall was built for the Emperor to protect his Kingdom. The Terracotta army are life size statues of the Emperors' army. The Temple of Heaven was built to honour both heaven and earth. There is a wealth of history to China. The fabulous home to the Emperor, The Forbidden City is a must for everyone that comes to China. The Emperors' fortress housed everything he needed hence the name 'City'. Visit the summer palace with its large collection of paintings. If you've had enough of walking have a day cruising down the Li river. It begins in Xinan country and the views of the countryside are fabulous with plenty of photo opportunities. Visit Tiananmen Square, meaning gate of heavenly peace. The square is set in exactly the centre of Beijing. If you would like something a little daring try the boat ride down the three river gorges. This is not for the faint hearted.
China isn't a beach destination, it is most defiantly a cultural one, but if you would like a few days on the beach after such a hectic visit to China you could travel to the Sanya and Hainan islands to relax on the tropical beaches

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Dubai

Dining in Dubai is quite cheap and their traditional cuisine has Arabic influences, which provides some very tasty dishes. Shawrama is chicken or lamb that is mixed with local made pickle and tomatoes with garlic and fries, it is then wrapped up inside a roti similar to a naan bread (which is served with most Arabic meals). This is along with Falafel, which is made from chick peas and many spices and is then deep fried similar to French fries, they are delicious. In Dubai you will also find many international food outlets like McDonald's, as well as Indian and other international food restaurants, which are readily available. While you're in Dubai try the traditional dishes though, you won't be disappointed and once tried you will be back for more.
Palm Beach is the most famous and pristine beach in Dubai: it has a wealth of water sports like scuba diving and sailing and there are beach activities on offer too. With all year round sunshine, it's one of the best countries to visit throughout the year, which is ideal for those wanting to swim in the warm waters and soak up the sun at anytime of the year.
Shopping in Dubai is very fulfilling, with high street and designer stores and massive malls to keep you busy shopping for days on end. If you want to create a piece of jewellery to your own design then you can have your masterpiece created for you before your holiday ends in many of the fine jewellery stores at the gold souk. There are so many choices of traditional carpets and fine art that your head will be spinning with delight and you'll be unable to sleep deciding which one you will take back home with you. The open markets are full of crafts and tourist souvenirs, so there is something to suit everyone's pocket.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Toyko, Japan

Toyko is part of historical Japan with its many Temples, Shrines and Museums to explore. There are beer museums and electrical high tech showrooms alongside each other, demonstrating the diversity of Japanese culture. These alone will keep you busy, discovering Japan is exciting from the old and ancient to the most up to date technology, there is something to suit everyone. Treat yourself and experience a tea ceremony with the ladies in traditional Kimono's, take a 4 hr trip from Tokyo to see the magnificent Himeji Castle (the Japanese architecture is amazing with its moats and surrounding colourful gardens), or go back into the centre of Tokyo where you can discover the Imperial Palace.
Tours are restricted to certain areas as the palace is still resided in and important functions still take place there, so security can be quite tight. One of the prime spots to view is Tokyo Tower; it stands taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and gives you panoramic views of the beautiful scenery. The oldest temple in Tokyo is Asakusa Temple, it dates back to 628, this is a favourite of tourists from all around the world and many locals still go there to pray, so you will find the area rather crowded, but it's well worth the hustle and bustle. There are many park areas in the city for a break from the bustling streets, with wonderful monuments and well laid out gardens. The newest building in the city is the impressive National Arts Centre, with a variety of exhibits that change regularly, it's a must see for art lovers. Tokyo is an amazing city to explore and meets most people's needs, from the young to the older traveller.
All around the city you will find an array of things to do, from traditional pastimes to the modern and funky. There are excellent casino's and lavish nightclubs if you feel like a great night out, but if you would like to experience the country's historical culture there are many places performing traditional Japanese theatre. Some places offer themed evenings too, where you can dress up in a Kimono and drink tea in the traditional way, or perhaps you would prefer something a little more exiting? Sumo wrestling or Kung Fu fighting is the entertainment for you if this is the case; traditional yet lively, you are sure to enjoy the mastery of watching this. For those looking for a little romance there are restaurants set in lavish surroundings, with light entertainment being performed. For young or old there is an assortment of night life to suit your taste and budget.
There are various eating options in Tokyo from lavish upmarket restaurants serving traditional cuisine, to plenty of fast food kiosks, American style. There are the usual international restaurants dotted everywhere, serving Mediterranean cuisine as well as other European style foods. Raw sea food is very popular in Japan, with many Sushi bars being self service, but you can also experience this typical Japanese fare in posh fine dining establishments. Dining can be an expensive experience, so if you're on a

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is called "the city of culture". It is a fabulous city with so many attractions you need to have plenty of time to see them all. The most famous has to be the giant cathedral Sagrada Familiia designed by Gaudi. Park Guell is an impressive park full of sculptures and buildings also created by Gaudi. It really is an amazing place to visit. Barcelona is a very family friendly city with lots of street entertainment that everyone will enjoy watching. The amazing Magical Fountain Montjuic, "the dancing fountain" is a wonderful sight at night. You can see the water dancing to the music and changing colour. There is something to suit most people in this city. The live statues are incredible and an absolute work of art. You will find them all around the city but especially in Las Ramblas which is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona. For the historians this city has architecture from the medieval period to the Roman era and Gaudi. With its modernistic and contemporary buildings there is something for everyone, especially in the old town Ciutat Vella, where you will find most of the historic buildings and churches. This city is truly amazing. There are museums of art, erotica, history and wax, along with many others. You will not be disappointed.
Las Ramblas is lined either side of the street with shops selling a variety of items. Here you will find that the prices are rather high and you'll most likely be able to purchase the same items further into the city centre at a more reasonable price. The City has an enormous amount of stores including some international ones, along with the well known designer shops selling watches, perfume and designer labelled clothing. There are over 3500 shops and with no vehicles allowed in the town it makes shopping a lot more pleasant. El Corte Ingles has two massive department stores in the city where you will just about find anything and everything you're looking for. Exotic fruits and flowers can be found in the large markets, they are well presented and extremely colourful. Remember that Tax free shopping is available in Barcelona but this is for non European visitors only.
Eating or drinking in restaurants and cafes around the major tourist areas can be rather expensive and if you're on a budget you would be better finding one on the outskirts of the major areas. There are fast food options around the city, serving pizza and filled baguettes. For those wanting burger and fries you will be sure to find a McDonald's. Tourists with a comfortable budget will have a great choice of establishments in 5 star surroundings serving local and international cuisine.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and very popular with tourists, it truly is amazing and there are plenty of things to do in and around this city, so there is something to suit every traveller. If you want to get your adrenalin pumping then there are quite a few activities to do this; how about sky jumping for example? Get strapped up and free jump from one of the largest buildings, the Sky Tower. If this is a little too daring then there are plenty of bungy jumping experiences to wean you into the sky jumping. For those of you who enjoy activities a little less thrilling, then you have more than enough excursions to fill your criteria, from beautiful botanical gardens to fascinating aquariums, along with whale and dolphin safaris.

If history is more your thing then you will not be short of sights to see; the city has an excellent museum. You could then visit Howick Historical Village with the wonderful Maori buildings housing many historical artefacts from the area. There is also a Maori guided tour, with the guides telling you all the ancient stories about these historical tribes. There is so much to do that you will need more than a month there to see it all. If you are a nature lover and don't mind a 90km cruise or a flight out to Great Barrier Island to explore this untouched paradise, then you will be truly amazed with the marine and bird life and the native forests. There are endless places for you to explore in New Zealand and there is a wealth of water sport readily available too.


The closest beaches to Auckland are the east coast beaches, with beautiful clean sand beaches and perfect waters for water sports and swimming. If you want a more rugged ocean for surfing, then the west coast beaches are for you. All of Auckland's beaches are within an hour or so from the city, and with around a 100 of them you're sure to find one you like.