Friday, August 24, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Toyko, Japan

Toyko is part of historical Japan with its many Temples, Shrines and Museums to explore. There are beer museums and electrical high tech showrooms alongside each other, demonstrating the diversity of Japanese culture. These alone will keep you busy, discovering Japan is exciting from the old and ancient to the most up to date technology, there is something to suit everyone. Treat yourself and experience a tea ceremony with the ladies in traditional Kimono's, take a 4 hr trip from Tokyo to see the magnificent Himeji Castle (the Japanese architecture is amazing with its moats and surrounding colourful gardens), or go back into the centre of Tokyo where you can discover the Imperial Palace.
Tours are restricted to certain areas as the palace is still resided in and important functions still take place there, so security can be quite tight. One of the prime spots to view is Tokyo Tower; it stands taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and gives you panoramic views of the beautiful scenery. The oldest temple in Tokyo is Asakusa Temple, it dates back to 628, this is a favourite of tourists from all around the world and many locals still go there to pray, so you will find the area rather crowded, but it's well worth the hustle and bustle. There are many park areas in the city for a break from the bustling streets, with wonderful monuments and well laid out gardens. The newest building in the city is the impressive National Arts Centre, with a variety of exhibits that change regularly, it's a must see for art lovers. Tokyo is an amazing city to explore and meets most people's needs, from the young to the older traveller.
All around the city you will find an array of things to do, from traditional pastimes to the modern and funky. There are excellent casino's and lavish nightclubs if you feel like a great night out, but if you would like to experience the country's historical culture there are many places performing traditional Japanese theatre. Some places offer themed evenings too, where you can dress up in a Kimono and drink tea in the traditional way, or perhaps you would prefer something a little more exiting? Sumo wrestling or Kung Fu fighting is the entertainment for you if this is the case; traditional yet lively, you are sure to enjoy the mastery of watching this. For those looking for a little romance there are restaurants set in lavish surroundings, with light entertainment being performed. For young or old there is an assortment of night life to suit your taste and budget.
There are various eating options in Tokyo from lavish upmarket restaurants serving traditional cuisine, to plenty of fast food kiosks, American style. There are the usual international restaurants dotted everywhere, serving Mediterranean cuisine as well as other European style foods. Raw sea food is very popular in Japan, with many Sushi bars being self service, but you can also experience this typical Japanese fare in posh fine dining establishments. Dining can be an expensive experience, so if you're on a

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