Sunday, November 4, 2012

Africa Safari Holidays Travel Guide

Africa is full of diversity and richness in resources. There's a lot your family can do in the endless continent. As miss projected by many, Africa doesn't just have game reserves. Your family can go on an adventurous wildlife tour, or perhaps a campfire vacation.
Masai Mara Safari - You can fly to Kenya and then take the long road to the famous and exceptional Masai Mara. From here, you take another flight to the safari area. This is a private tour, not without thrilling experience for the whole family. Once there, you can see the live game. Game drivers are with you in an open and shared driving vehicle.
Throughout your safari into the wild, you will see nature at it's finest. All of your dreams will seem like reality when your touring the land of Africa. You might want to stop at Mikumi National Park for your first family safari vacation experience. The cost of a trip to this state park is very affordable and this is an excellent location for those who want to get a glimpse of lion on the prowl.
There will be opportunity to make a plaster cast of a local wild animal footprint, a souvenir that destroys nothing. The animals they will get to see will keep them talking for months to come. Romance is always in the air in such a beautiful and exciting place making Kenya the ideal place for couples to explore and relax.

A safari honeymoon means a perfect honeymoon. Just imagine the day after your dream wedding arriving at Kilimanjaro airport, Tanzania and being whisked off to the Arusha Coffee Lodge where you can relax and find your bearings. So whether you're spending your time at a private beach or exploring the cultural wilderness on your own, a honeymoon safari could very well be the most romantic start of your married life. These Adam and Eve adventures take place at the only sites in the world where you really can explore your own private Garden of Eden at your leisure.
Either path you take you and your bride or groom will enjoy an unspoiled variety of habitats and their corresponding wildlife. Some of these places are; St Paul's Cathedral, the Glacis Church and cemetery, the famous clock tower of Victoria, the Immaculate conception Church of 1854, and The Sun Stroke Art Gallery; just to mention a few of the places to visit in classic Victoria. Come to see the Islands of Seychelles where fantasies are Realities.


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  2. Thanks for your guiding tips for African safari trip. Imagine how many tour operators and the tourists are looking for lions…. That end up we were swarming around a lion, thus to get a picture of the animal only is nearly impossible, there’s always another vehicle as a background.