Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is called "the city of culture". It is a fabulous city with so many attractions you need to have plenty of time to see them all. The most famous has to be the giant cathedral Sagrada Familiia designed by Gaudi. Park Guell is an impressive park full of sculptures and buildings also created by Gaudi. It really is an amazing place to visit. Barcelona is a very family friendly city with lots of street entertainment that everyone will enjoy watching. The amazing Magical Fountain Montjuic, "the dancing fountain" is a wonderful sight at night. You can see the water dancing to the music and changing colour. There is something to suit most people in this city. The live statues are incredible and an absolute work of art. You will find them all around the city but especially in Las Ramblas which is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona. For the historians this city has architecture from the medieval period to the Roman era and Gaudi. With its modernistic and contemporary buildings there is something for everyone, especially in the old town Ciutat Vella, where you will find most of the historic buildings and churches. This city is truly amazing. There are museums of art, erotica, history and wax, along with many others. You will not be disappointed.
Las Ramblas is lined either side of the street with shops selling a variety of items. Here you will find that the prices are rather high and you'll most likely be able to purchase the same items further into the city centre at a more reasonable price. The City has an enormous amount of stores including some international ones, along with the well known designer shops selling watches, perfume and designer labelled clothing. There are over 3500 shops and with no vehicles allowed in the town it makes shopping a lot more pleasant. El Corte Ingles has two massive department stores in the city where you will just about find anything and everything you're looking for. Exotic fruits and flowers can be found in the large markets, they are well presented and extremely colourful. Remember that Tax free shopping is available in Barcelona but this is for non European visitors only.
Eating or drinking in restaurants and cafes around the major tourist areas can be rather expensive and if you're on a budget you would be better finding one on the outskirts of the major areas. There are fast food options around the city, serving pizza and filled baguettes. For those wanting burger and fries you will be sure to find a McDonald's. Tourists with a comfortable budget will have a great choice of establishments in 5 star surroundings serving local and international cuisine.

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