Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Brazil

Sao Luis in Brazil is a spectacular place to be, with its fabulous palaces and colonial buildings creating photo opportunities around every corner. One of the highlights is the snake farm that houses not only snakes but also scorpions and spiders there to view from all around the world. It's a great day out. The town itself has wonderful cathedrals to visit, many other Christian sites and several museums displaying art and nautical exhibits. The old town is very quaint with wonderful architecture in Portuguese style along the narrow winding streets where a large area is now protected as a national monument. An interesting trip is one down one of the two rivers that flows through the town. This town has a mystical charm and is a wonderful place to stay you can also hire a car and travel off the beaten track to view some incredible landscapes in and around Sao Luis.
Every tourist travelling to Brazil must try some of the local cuisine. The main ingredients are root vegetable, meat, coconut and rice. Their hearty stews are very tasty and there is a variety of sea food dishes. Feijoada is the most popular dish with a mix of different type spicy meat cooked in beans and a pepper sauce, usually served with cabbage. It's extremely filling and very tasty. The food in Brazil is very cheap and will suit all budgets, and you will find some restaurants and cafes serving international cuisine, but while in Brazil taste something different. If it fries the Brazilians will eat it.
Some of the best shopping is in the older part of the town where you can find many hand crafted and traditional items that reflect the history and culture of Brazil. There are some very interesting markets to purchase something quirky and interesting from to take back home. In the main town area you will not be short of shops including international named chain stores along the pedestrian only streets of Rua Grande. The Reviver shopping area is where you will find a great selection of herbs and basketware along with leather items and beautiful lace work at a very good price. Shopping in Sao Luis is very interesting and cheap.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For China

There is so much to do and see in this fabulous country. There are so many cultural and historical landmarks with examples like the Great Wall of China, built in 7BC, being the most popular. This wall was built for the Emperor to protect his Kingdom. The Terracotta army are life size statues of the Emperors' army. The Temple of Heaven was built to honour both heaven and earth. There is a wealth of history to China. The fabulous home to the Emperor, The Forbidden City is a must for everyone that comes to China. The Emperors' fortress housed everything he needed hence the name 'City'. Visit the summer palace with its large collection of paintings. If you've had enough of walking have a day cruising down the Li river. It begins in Xinan country and the views of the countryside are fabulous with plenty of photo opportunities. Visit Tiananmen Square, meaning gate of heavenly peace. The square is set in exactly the centre of Beijing. If you would like something a little daring try the boat ride down the three river gorges. This is not for the faint hearted.
China isn't a beach destination, it is most defiantly a cultural one, but if you would like a few days on the beach after such a hectic visit to China you could travel to the Sanya and Hainan islands to relax on the tropical beaches

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Dubai

Dining in Dubai is quite cheap and their traditional cuisine has Arabic influences, which provides some very tasty dishes. Shawrama is chicken or lamb that is mixed with local made pickle and tomatoes with garlic and fries, it is then wrapped up inside a roti similar to a naan bread (which is served with most Arabic meals). This is along with Falafel, which is made from chick peas and many spices and is then deep fried similar to French fries, they are delicious. In Dubai you will also find many international food outlets like McDonald's, as well as Indian and other international food restaurants, which are readily available. While you're in Dubai try the traditional dishes though, you won't be disappointed and once tried you will be back for more.
Palm Beach is the most famous and pristine beach in Dubai: it has a wealth of water sports like scuba diving and sailing and there are beach activities on offer too. With all year round sunshine, it's one of the best countries to visit throughout the year, which is ideal for those wanting to swim in the warm waters and soak up the sun at anytime of the year.
Shopping in Dubai is very fulfilling, with high street and designer stores and massive malls to keep you busy shopping for days on end. If you want to create a piece of jewellery to your own design then you can have your masterpiece created for you before your holiday ends in many of the fine jewellery stores at the gold souk. There are so many choices of traditional carpets and fine art that your head will be spinning with delight and you'll be unable to sleep deciding which one you will take back home with you. The open markets are full of crafts and tourist souvenirs, so there is something to suit everyone's pocket.