Saturday, September 1, 2012

Holiday & Travel Guide For Dubai

Dining in Dubai is quite cheap and their traditional cuisine has Arabic influences, which provides some very tasty dishes. Shawrama is chicken or lamb that is mixed with local made pickle and tomatoes with garlic and fries, it is then wrapped up inside a roti similar to a naan bread (which is served with most Arabic meals). This is along with Falafel, which is made from chick peas and many spices and is then deep fried similar to French fries, they are delicious. In Dubai you will also find many international food outlets like McDonald's, as well as Indian and other international food restaurants, which are readily available. While you're in Dubai try the traditional dishes though, you won't be disappointed and once tried you will be back for more.
Palm Beach is the most famous and pristine beach in Dubai: it has a wealth of water sports like scuba diving and sailing and there are beach activities on offer too. With all year round sunshine, it's one of the best countries to visit throughout the year, which is ideal for those wanting to swim in the warm waters and soak up the sun at anytime of the year.
Shopping in Dubai is very fulfilling, with high street and designer stores and massive malls to keep you busy shopping for days on end. If you want to create a piece of jewellery to your own design then you can have your masterpiece created for you before your holiday ends in many of the fine jewellery stores at the gold souk. There are so many choices of traditional carpets and fine art that your head will be spinning with delight and you'll be unable to sleep deciding which one you will take back home with you. The open markets are full of crafts and tourist souvenirs, so there is something to suit everyone's pocket.

You will be amazed at the fabulous luxury hotels in Dubai: these alone will keep you busy sightseeing, but if you have had enough of these then try the Golden City Tour, exploring the some of the historical sites like the picturesque palace and the famous Burj Al Arab, the world's most luxury hotel that looks like a gigantic shiny sail. If you are looking to experience some of Dubai heritage then a tour to Majlis Al Ghoraifa is for you, where you will witness some old traditions come alive. Then you can take a water boat ride over to Sheikh Saeed House, that houses some very old stamps, coins and photograph collections. Dubai is an ever growing city and this can be seen all over the city with the amount of construction work and fabulous buildings being created each year; every time you visit Dubai you will be sure to notice the constant changes to this country. The desert tours in a 4x4 jeep are fantastic, driving over the large sand dunes in the Hatta Desert and on to the Hajar mountains. Or, for those wanting a more authentic journey in the desert, take a ride on the 'ships of the desert' (camels) over the dunes at dusk, it's a truly amazing experience.

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